Intercourse Fire Company

First Due House Fire

Saturday, February 15, 2014  On Saturday morning shortly after 11am Station 44 was dispatched to 3873 Old Philadelphia Pk for a reported house fire. County advised responding units that a firefighter was on the scene with a working fire. Chief 44 arrived and confirmed a working fire and requested 2nd alarm. Engine 44-1 crew advanced a hoseline to the 1st floor, knocked the fire on the 1st floor and proceeded to the 2nd floor found and found heavy fire in the roof area.

Photos courtesy of Kirk Neidermyer



2 Alarm Building Fire

Tuesday, December 3, 2013  On Tuesday Morning shortly after 9am Station 44 along with mutual aid companies were dispatched to J&J Woodworks, 3470 West Newport Rd for a building fire. Deputy 44 (Yoder) went en-route and reported seeing a column of heavy black smoke and requested the 2nd alarm be struck. Crews put handlines in place to do a defensive attack (exterior only) Firefighters worked for several hours to bring the fire under control and hitting hot-spots.

Caleb Mast photo

Caleb Mast photo

Vinny Tennis photo

Vinny Tennis photo


Playground Fire Ruled Arson

Tuesday, October 8, 2013  At 2:15am Monday morning Intercourse Fire Company was dispatched to the Intercourse Community Park for a playground fire. Chief 44 arrived with a working playground set. Engine 44-1 arrived and pulled a 1 ¾ to extinguish the fire. A state police fire marshal was called to the scene to investigate. The fire marshal ruled the fire arson. The estimated damage is around $15,000.



Crash at Rt 340 and Newport Rd

Tuesday, August 20, 2013  Photos courtesy of Kirk Neidermyer



Vehicle Accident in Front of Plain & Fancy

Sunday, August 18, 2013  Photos courtesy of Kirk Neidermyer



2nd Call for the Day Brings 2 Alarm Barn Fire

Sunday, April 7, 2013  At 17:51 hrs the alarms sounded again, this time for a barn fire at 3839 Old Philadelphia Pk. Dispatch was receiving multiple calls for a fully involved barn a few feet from the house. The Chief and Captain were both a few miles out reporting heavy smoke and requested 2nd alarm. Engine 44-1 arrived 4 minutes after dispatch and went to work on the fire building and exposures. Fire had already advanced to the attic space of the house and was quickly knocked. The barn fire was brought under control several hours later, then what was left of the barn was then demolished using a trackhoe. Station 44 was available at 23:29 hrs



Early Morning Fire in the Truck Shop

Sunday, April 7, 2013  On Sunday morning at 05:37 hrs, Station 44, along with Stations 43 (Gordonville), 42 (Gap), 39 (Garden Spot Fire Rescue), 47 (Paradise), 45 (Kinzer) and 41 (Bird-in-Hand), were dispatched to Donovan Transport on East Newport Rd for a reported building fire. Dispatch advised responding units that they received the fire alarm and the owner reported fire in the roof area. Crews arrived and found moderate smoke conditions with minimal extension to the shop, and went to work to access the truss roof area. Firefighters worked on suppression and extensive overhaul for about 7 hours and cleared the incident at 12:55 hrs.



Snow & Icy Roads cause 3 car pileup

Saturday, January 26, 2013  At 16:32hrs. Volunteers were dispatched to the area of North New Holland Road & Route 340 for a 3 car crash. Deputy 44 (Yoder) arrived to find a 3 car crash with everyone out of the vehicles. Engine 44-1 arrived and provided spill control and depowered the vehicles. Squad 44-1 provided traffic control at New Holland Rd. & Red Well Rd. Ambulance 4-3-1 arrived and checked out all patients. The Company went available at 17:02hrs.



Pre-Alert Helps Firefighter's Save Building

Wednesday, January 23, 2013  At12:37hrs. Station 44’s 1st Alarm assignment were Struck to 409 South Groffdale Rd. for a reported Outbuilding fire. Engine 44-1 went enroute within a minute after dispatch due to multiple firefighters hearing the Pre-Alert put out by LCWC. Deputy 39 arrived to find a Working Fire. Deputy 44 arrived and established the command while Captain 44-1 had the water supply ops. Engine 44-1 arrived and deployed (2) 1 ¾ hand lines to begin fire suppression. Truck 39 arrived and went to work on opening up the roof. Tanker 44 arrived and supplied Engine 44-1. The fire was placed under control at 13:24hrs. Crews remained on scene for some time providing extensive overhaul. The fire was believed to be caused by a wood stove. All crews cleared the scene at 15:42hrs. There were no injuries. Intercourse would like to thank the mutual aid companies that assisted, Garden Spot Fire Rescue, Bareville, Witmer, Kinzer, Gordonville, White Horse, Farmersville, and Leola Ambulance.



Company 44 assists 47 on a barn fire

Friday, December 28, 2012  On Friday morning at 2:58 hrs Station 44 was call to assist Company 47 for a barn fire in Paradise Twp on Cherry Hill Rd. The fire destroyed the 2 story structure... however the dwelling exposure on the alpha side was spared with minimal damage.



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